The musical mill


Bed & Breakfast


We shall be delighted to welcome you at home in the Mill of Batanayre. Nested in the heart of the «Pays de Serres» in the countryside of Lot-et-Garonne, this traditional building was formerly a water mill. Today it is our living house. It is situated at the edge of the Petite Seoune, an attractive small river which flows slowly along our property by whispering you its song in the ear.

It is in this bucolic frame, surrounded with fields from wheat or from sunflower that we invite you to come you " to put in the green " by renting a bed and breakfast. Peace, relaxation, walk in our woody hills, visits high places of our historical and gastronomic heritage : only happiness ...

And if you are a musician or simply music-loving be double welcome because we are passionate persons of jazz and music generally. Then, in the pleasure to meet you.

                                                                                              Christine et Alain BOUVELLE


A warm welcome...